Friday, April 18, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s)

 This picture is on my phone from a trip to Justice during Spring Break.
The girls love that store.... me, on the other hand, not so much.
It's overwhelming, with the colors, and beads, and sequins, and the fact that they sell anything from pencil cases to underwear to candy to dresses.
It's. too. Much.

And then there is the fact that they put the clothing racks so close together that you can't squeeze through without knocking clothes off hangers... and UGGGGG.
 I received this picture via Aunt Katie when they went to Justice to get Ali's birthday present.
I just can't stop laughing.
Clearly, Uncle Jimmy isn't a Justice fan either.
But - the trip was worthwhile because Ali loves her new (stuffed) puppy and snuggles with it at bedtime every night.
 I wore a new shirt today and Ainsley was quick to inform me that she didn't like it because... (and I quote)... It's too blue and has too many flowers.

And to her I say... right back atcha kid.  --Ha!
(hint: check out her shirt)
 I'm done.  I've given up.  I experience a feeling of defeat every single time I dress this child in the morning.

I can't keep up with Ainsley Long Legs and her constant growth spurts... so I'm just resigned to the fact that she'll forever be the kid with the high waters on.
Ainsley drew this card for Gramma and Grandpa Mac for their anniversary earlier this week.
 I almost didn't send it to them I loved it so much.
On the left, it's Ainsley and Gramma in the flower garden.
And on the right, it's Ainsley and Grandpa fishing.
So, SO sweet.

Happy Friday!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s)

Introducing my newest workout...  Basset Squats.  -Ha!

(I carried her up the stairs, did two squats, took this picture, and felt like I had run 10 miles.  Apparently, basset ears and drool are heavy!)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ice Skating, Part 2

 We met up with Allison (and Joe, not pictured yet) -- As soon as Ainsley saw Allison, she dropped RB's hand and went right to her.  Ha! 
 Joe, Allison and Ali
(and I spy RB and Ainsley coming around the curve)
 These three clowns were fun to watch...
 Bummed that this picture is out of focus, but love how Ainsley is smiling at Joe.   It's a nice change from her usual growl.  Ha!
 I hear you skate better if you stick your tongue out...
 Ummm.....  uh-oh...
 Awww... I made her fall down (again).
 We had an Apolo Ohno sighting...
 A couple of more times around before it was time to go.
 Group Picture Time!
 Cookie Break!
 Awwwwww.... (again)...  They really do like each other.
 Sneaking a couple of pictures in at the end.  We went ice skating twice in one weekend.  We went Friday night, and then again on Sunday afternoon.  Friday night was cold, but the girls loved skating underneath the lights.
 Friday Night Group Picture.

(And with that... I am ALL. CAUGHT. UP. on blogging.
Onto three months of softball pictures - Ha!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ice Skating - Part 1

 One of the girls' Christmas presents this year was ice skating passes.  We had a pretty crummy winter, and between below zero temps and basketball tournaments, we just barely made it to the outdoor ice rink before they closed for the season.
 As in previous years, I stayed on the sidelines and took pictures (what I do best) -- a stay at home mom with a broken leg isn't really that helpful, so I try and keep myself all in one piece.  Ha!
 I must admit...  the girls are getting better!  Addi and Ali can skate without holding onto someone, or the edge,  and Ainsley can too, but she still insists you hold her hand.
 It was a beautiful day, so beautiful that the rink ended up closing early because the ice was melting.  Thankfully, we went early and had already left.
 Ali can skate by herself... but still makes funny moves to try and keep herself from falling down. 
 Whoa Whoa WHOA....
 ...and she's down.  Oops!
 Ainsley took lots of breaks and hung out with me to rest her tired legs.
 Fell down?  Pfffft. She's totally fine.
 Apparently when you are 9, and your parents take you to a skating rink, you suddenly look like you're 15??!!  WHAAAA??
And... another break.
 Uh... Oh.  She's going down....
Ha!  Tricked ya -- she straightened herself out.

More skating pics to come!