Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School! Part 2.

 Alternatively Titled:  Our Baby Went to Kindergarten.
 I know she's ready, but that doesn't mean that my heart didn't break just a little bit when we turned and left her in her school room this morning.
She already loves school, and her teacher, and I survived my first day without my little partner in crime.
 I've been so worried about her not eating lunch at school and going hungry, but we packed up her new lunch box with a few of her favorites, and even a brownie for dessert (because I knew at least she would eat that - ha!) -- and happy to report that she ate it all. 
 I did fine until we were walking out of the school, and had to walk down two of THEE LONGEST hallways... and caught an eye of one of our favorite teachers, and she asked how I was -- and then the tears started.  It's not that I'm not going to miss Addi and Ali too, but it's always just Mama and Ainsi running errands, and hanging out all weekend at softball games, and I'm going to miss having her by my side all the time,
 All ready to learn!
 Ainsley and her teacher.  Addi had the same one so I know she's in good hands.
I can tell you this right now -- I did NOT miss the parent pick up line.  Uggggg.
 First day of kindergarten is in the books.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School! Part 1.

Summer is officially over for the A team (and their mom).  Booooo.
We wanted just one more week of pools, and sleepovers, and lazy mornings...but it's not gonna happen.  So we braved the stores, bought school supplies, and headed to the school Open House last week.  Our PTO was SUPER creative and came up with this homemade photobooth for the kiddos!  (I blacked out any school specific information, safety first).

And yes.  I have a nicer one where Ainsley isn't looking like a maniac, but used this one because ... it's hilarious.

One last weekend of reading, and lazy mornings, and breakfast burritos at the Farmer's Market, and our last dip in the pool...
Which brings us to today.
 Addi "Cheeseball" Brunner -- 4th Grader.
 She certainly made this summer...  entertaining.
 Ali "My sister is photobombing me" Brunner -- 3rd Grader.
 Ali could NOT wait for school to start.  She got the teacher she wanted, she has her Bestie in class with her AND she FINALLY got to wear her new shirt she picked out from Justice.

I braved Justice 3 times in a matter of 5 days.
Mother of the Year Aware should be arriving in the mail any day now... along with a case of my favorite wine.  Ha!
 Stop growing.  Stop growing. Stop growing. Stop growing. Stop growing.

If I say it five times fast... it works, right?!
 Ainsley spent one more day hanging out with her favorite mom.  The BIG K starts tomorrow.  Yes, there has already been one ugly cry (from mom and not in front of her) and I'm expecting at least one more before it's all said and done.  I made a hair appointment right after I drop the girls off at school, so at least I'm not coming home to an quiet house.  My little part-time gig doesn't start for a couple more weeks, so I have a little time on my hands and maybe I'll start figuring out how to make dinner again.  Ha!
 The A Team
August 2014
Uhhhh girls... isn't it time for you to leave already?  I need a nap...
Whatever. Wipe it off.  Really you're just rubbing it in.
 Our FAVORITE 3rd grader.
 Our FAVORITE 4th grader.
(I feel I MUST mention the fact that she was super annoyed that we even came in her classroom...  Little does she know, I plan on doing it until she graduates from high school.)
 First day of school is in the books and it even deserved a thumbs up!
I asked what her favorite part of the day was and she said it was when her teacher gave them all Skittles.  So yea... she's got a very smart teacher (food is the way to all 4th graders hearts).
Ali and her Bestie -- (who I am also chauffeuring to and from school this year) (and also, again for safety/privacy reasons, clearly not showing her 'real' face).

One more hard day tomorrow... and then we can start getting into the swing of this school thing...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

...and so it begins

... school supplies are safely tucked into their desks at school.
...first day of school clothes are all laid out.
...the lunch menu is taped to a kitchen cupboard door.
...and the reality hits that a new school year starts tomorrow.

I get one more day with Ainsley before she starts kindergarten... tomorrow night, instead of blogging, I'll be doing the ugly cry.  Our baby is starting school, had her first sleepover, and now has her very first loose tooth.  It's all just too much for this mama to handle all in one week.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) - Iphone Edition

 Quick run through America's Hometown.  Really I was using this photo op as a reason to stop and catch my breath.  Ha!
 Snuggles with Aggie (and watching Ali play Minecraft)
 Training them right.  Ha!
 When we leave my parents house for a run, on the way home there is this never ending hill -- so RB talked me into bypassing that hill, in favor for this one.
I will admit, this one wasn't as bad -- but I prefer pavement under my feet and not dewy grass. 
 As tired as I am at night, I do look forward to checking on her one more time before I head to bed.  Just never know what I'm going to find. 
 Last one out of bed... and No.  She didn't make her half when she (finally) got up.
 She was SO ANNOYED that the blanket was in her spot. Look at that stink eye she's giving me!
 And then later on, I was in her spot. Ha!
 I think he can totally pull off this look!
Watch out!  Crazy driver coming through!
She's just starting to ride it by herself, and only gave me about 4 mini heart attacks.  GAH!
She drives like Ali -- doesn't look where she's going -- too busy looking at all of us!
But my favorite part -- is she's laughing and screaming and yelling WHOO HOOO as she's driving.  16 is going to be crazy awesome.  Ha!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Preschool Graduation

 Ainsley is a preschool graduate!  Because of how school ended this year (snow days), preschool graduation was held on a Friday morning, but they still had to go back Monday for the official last day of school. 
 Cracking up at Ali's face! Ha!
 They were so annoyed with me -- we parked in the school parking lot, and walked down to take this picture -- which just happened to be right where the car drop off line was.  Addi grumbled the whole way about people staring at her - I told her to just get used to it.  She has a mom that knows what pictures she wants and will do whatever it takes to get them.  Ha!
 The class did a short program, which was absolutely adorable, before they received their preschool certificates.
 She knew the words, and the actions, and kept looking over at us to make sure we were watching.  I am going to miss preschool!
 Receiving her certificate from her teacher.
 Go Ainsley!
 I love watching her write her name -- her E's and Y's are the best!
 Ainsley with our favorite preschool teachers.  Ali had them too when she was there, and we just absolutely adore them...  I may have cried when saying goodbye -- and then laughed when they asked if we could have another baby so they would have another Brunner to teach.  So not happening but love knowing that they loved our girls so much.
 All done!  and All Smiles!
We've talked about kindergarten a lot this summer and I know she's ready to go, but we both are a little sad to not have our days to spend together.  It will be a big adjustment for her (and us as a family) since kindergarten is all day.  I have accepted a part time job that will start once school starts back up and will go off the school calendar.  I'm excited, and nervous -- it's been a long time since I've answered to anyone besides the A Team.  Ha!