Friday, November 21, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) - Disney Edition

 One of the best things we did for Disney was purchase the photo pass before we left, and then linked them up to our Magic Bands, so anytime our picture was taken, it was loaded up into our personal photo account.

And it was completely worth the money after seeing our roller coaster pictures.  Ha!

We took Addi on this roller coaster 5 years ago, she just barely met the height requirement, and I thought we ruined her for life.
What we failed to know was that this particular roller coaster goes outside and the inside to darkness, comes to a complete stop half way through, has a Yeti (abominable snowman) come out of the shadows... and then GOES BACKWARDS.
Yea.  We did not win Parents of the Year award that year.
 This was Ali's first time riding it and although she looks scared... she said it was awesome!
 Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom
(I sat this ride out -- not a fan of getting wet and then walking around an amusement park...hello chaffing).

Side Note:  Ainsley was a trooper and went on every rollercoaster she was tall enough to go on.  She's also a fan of putting her hands in the air when going down the hills -- ha!
On our way home, our landing was a bit... bumpy... and while all us adults grabbed for our arm rests to hold on, Ainsley threw her arms in the air and yelled WHOO HOO as we landed.  Our entire area burst out laughing -- it was so hilarious.  Talk about a tension breaker.
One of my FAVORITE Disney roller coasters -- The Rockin' Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios. Riding in a 'stretch limousine' and going from 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds with Aerosmith hits blaring in your ear... what's not the love?!  I *may* have neglected to tell the girls that you do go upside down on this one... Ha!  They survived and we even convinced them to go on it again right away before the line got too long.
 Ali looks TERRIFIED -- and I've come to realize I make the same face in all rollercoaster pictures.  Ha!
I've convinced myself that you can't throw up and scream at the same time... so once the rollercoaster starts moving, I start screaming.
 Second time around -- I think Ali and RB are making the same face, and then Addi and I are the same.  I love this picture!
And then comes my second favorite ride -- Tower of Terror (also at Hollywood Studios).
All 7 of us rode this, and I saw the picture, but I downloaded it from the Disney site to our computer, it was lost somehow.  Bummer.
But -- Papa, Ali and I were brave enough to ride it a second time and here's our picture.
Check out the weirdo behind me -- HA!
While waiting in line, we made friends with a very nice teenage boy and his father, and we were told that each ride on the Tower of Terror is different.  You ride up the same way, but you will drop and go back up as many times as the computer is programmed to do.
This time we rode it we went all the way to the top, dropped, back to the top, dropped, back to the top, dropped, back to the top... and then dropped all the way down.  Felt like the longest ride EVER.  Awesome... but my stomach hurt after that one.  And I didn't have a lot of voice left - Ha!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney. Day 1. Part 2.

 Please note the chocolate chip cookie in Ainsley's hand.  It was #1 of about 348 cookies she ate that week.  Anything to keep her happy and I was hoping the cookie was soaking up some of the grease from the chicken nuggets and french fries she ate for 7 days straight.
Judge all you want but the wrath of an unhappy, hungry five year old is worth searching the MyDisney app for the closest chocolate chip cookie stand.

Disney Parades -- hands down one of my FAVORITE parts.  A little unknown fact:  In high school I marched through Disney World with our high school band.
I actually missed the high school band this day because... I was waiting in a line for a cookie.  Ha!
 The Sleeping Beauty dragon was SO COOL.
 ...and then it did this and was was so much COOLER!
 If you look closely, you can see a spinning wheel.
The attention to detail that Disney does with their floats, and attractions -- everything -- is just simply amazing.
 I think someone else was enjoying the parade also.
 We saw these happy smiles for days and days... there was so much walking and waiting in lines, and taking turns picking which rides we were going on -- The girls were so awesome.  More than I could have hoped.
 Our little Minnie seeing Minnie Mouse for the first time.
 She used her hard earned cash to buy an Elsa doll.
Too big for a stroller = quick piggy back rides on Daddy to rest the legs.
 Waiting for the fireworks.
 Sooo... you can't tell they are related, can you?  Ha!
 Almost time for the show!
 I have no idea how Disney does it, but they project images of different movies on the castle -- all set to music.  I know I keep saying it -- but it was so awesome!
 And of course, they ended with a little song you may have heard of... Let it Go.
 Here we go...
The end. (of Day 1)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Disney. Day 1. Post 1.

 We spent an amazing week at Disney World!  The last time we went, the girls were 5, 3 and 9 months -- so this trip was completely different (more rides, less princess lines) -- and we had a blast!  There's not a lot of down time at Disney, so we came home exhausted and in need of a huge nap -- but I wouldn't change it for anything!

I wish you all could have seen Ali's face when she rounded the corner, and saw the castle.
Her jaw dropped and her eyes sparkled and it gave me the goosebumps.  I could have left happy right then -- but then I would have missed the two caramel/chocolate covered apples I inhaled, listening to the girls scream on all the roller coasters, and almost barfing all over myself on a ride at Epcot.  So, good thing we stayed. 
 First stop at Magic Kingdom:  Getting her Elsa crown on.  Ha!
 We flew to Orlando on a Saturday, and that night we walked around Downtown Disney and then the next morning we took the bus from our resort to Magic Kingdom.  It was a bit chilly that day - in the 60's but sunny and we were so excited to be there we didn't care!
 We stalled out on this ride -- not sure if we broke down, or someone needed help getting off... but I used that time to snap a few pictures.
 I love the sideways glance she's giving her Papa. 
 We rode through a dark tunnel so I held the camera up and snapped a picture with the flash on.  I *may* have blinded Addi for a bit.
 *Flashing* both of them (with the camera flash).  Ha!
 The rest of our posse was in the cart in front of us.
 We ended going on these a couple of times.  Something about the girls being able to drive, and giving their parents and grandparents whiplash was so much fun.
 I think she's enjoying my distress.
 Now.... that's a scary sight.  Nana is brave!
 Mmmmm.  She stole my brownie dessert and ate all the frosting off of the top.  At least she left the bottom cake part for me.
 A Disney must -- Tea Cups!
 Next time I'm not riding with Addi.  She spun us WAAAAAAY too fast.
 I think she enjoys making me suffer.
...more to come from Day  1.