Friday, October 31, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) - Happy Halloween!

Pretty sure I type this out every year... but here in The Capital we celebrate Beggar's Night, which is always the night before Halloween.
And pretty sure every year I say... I'm not a fan, because it makes Halloween feel like kind of a bust -- but until we move to a city that has their act together, we'll head out and beg for candy on October 30th. 
 So.  Yea.  Classic third child picture right here folks.
I NEVER would have let Addi or Ali do their own make up ... but here we are with the baby of the family and I'm all like -- Sure do it yourself!
 She decided this morning that she was going to be a witch tonight (recycled costume from last year) and thought a white peace sign, with black and red polka dots would complete her look.  Who am I to say no?
 The A Team
Beggars Night 2014
 Agnes was SO annoyed.
I might have to scour the Halloween clearance aisles for a different costume for her next year - she's not liking the hot dog look. 
 Being a hot dog is exhausting.
 Our Ali Cat
Overheard tonight --  (Addi) "Hey Dad, will you help me put my fishnets on?" 
And then I died laughing.
(And just so you know, he helped her.  I honestly hope it's the last time he has to help her put on fishnets. Ha!)
 I don't know who was more excited about her costume - me or her.
I was SO pumped when I found her earrings and couldn't wait to show her.
 She asked me to put "Material Girl" (Madonna) on her Ipod.
My work here is done.
 I have THEE BEST Bestie.  She left work, drove across down, helped Ali with her face paint... and then let Ainsley do this to her.
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The End of Soccer

 We spent a beautiful fall day out on the soccer fields for Ainsley's last game of the season.
 Her coach wasn't feeling so good that day, but didn't want to cancel the last game, so RB stepped up and coached the game.  He did great for not really understanding the game - Ha!
 I have SO MANY pictures of her running after the ball -- with her tongue out!
Maybe that helps in soccer?! Ha!
Ooops! I got a little distracted by the soccer coach's legs...
Meet Ali.. she was 8 years old at the beginning of the soccer game, but apparently aged during the game and is now taking her senior pictures.  Ha!
 Everything about this picture makes me smile.
 Ooooo... is she going to score?!
 Awww man... SO CLOSE.  Hit the side of the net and went out of bounds.
 Let's try this again...
 ...almost there...
 And she SCORES!
 Goooo Ainsley!
 And... she's done.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I couldn't get both videos to stay put in the same post... so here's the other one.


I have pictures to share of our pumpkin patch -- but thought I would start with these videos.
Loved getting all your text messages about the dancing video posted a couple of days ago!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Raising Them Right

 The girls played a couple of softball tournaments this fall -- I would like to point out that the two weekends we played, we FROZE, and now that we are done, it's been absolutely gorgeous out.  So... you are welcome our fellow Midwest friends and family.
 At our last tournament, we had a few extra cheerleaders that braved the cold and the wind to cheer on Addi and Ali.  I asked for a quick picture when we were done, and the girls were quick to cover up any Hawkeye logos.  Ha!
 Ali pouting because I told her I wanted one nice picture...
Ainsley was too busy playing with her friends than to join us for a picture.  On a Sunday night, at 7:30, after two full days of softball games... it was a battle I wasn't going to fight.

 Softball tournaments are officially over for the BCircus... just in time for basketball and volleyball practice and tournaments to begin.  At least the gyms will be out of the cold and wind.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) -- Video Edition

Just a few things to add before you watch the video:

**Sometimes all you need is a good laugh.
**They get all their dance moves from their father.
**And sorry for the shaky video -- it's hard to hold a phone still when you are laughing so hard your face is frozen in that weird "laughing too hard face." 

Happy Friday

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Soccer Star

 Ainsley started her second year of soccer this fall.  6U soccer can be SO fun... and SO painful to watch... Ha!
She scored a goal her very first game... (it was for the other team... but whatever!) Ha!
 Gooooo #1!
 She's really good at kicking the ball hard... and then just standing there telling her teammates what to do.  Ha!
 Deep in thought... probably wondering what the snack after the game is. 
 --she loves to go to practice
--she listens to her coach
--she plays well with her teammates
--and she's out being active
 I would LOVE to tell you that she made this goal... but at the last second it rolled off to the side and out of bounds.  SO CLOSE.
It's been a fun soccer season, but I am happy to say that we only have one game left.