Thursday, April 24, 2014

8 Years Old

 Why does 8 seem so much older than 7?
Why did I over focus on the presents and make Ali a blurry background?
Why does the thought of her going into THIRD GRADE next year make me feel sad, yet Addi is in third grade now and I'm completely cool with it?

 Oh... this kid.  She's been begging for a Furby for over a year now and we finally caved.
She received the little guy from a school friend, and now has a 'Mama' Furby to watch over it.
We've had them for about a week and a half now... and they are driving me bananas.  I sneak into Ali's room to put her clothes away because I'm scared to wake the Furby's up and then have to listen to them 'talk' the rest of the day.  Total Mother Bugger.
 Total Ali smile :)
 This little stinker refused to get dressed and wore her Hello Kitty pj's all day, even though we had a house full of guests.  At some point in the afternoon we brought out the leftover Costco cake (because I couldn't be trusted to have it so close and stay out of it) -- and Ainsley's helped herself to several spoonfuls of frosting.  Ha!
 Uncle Joey photobomb!
And a few pictures of Ali with her guests....
 Uncle Joe's birthday is a couple of days before Ali's, and that's the shirt Jimmy got him - Ha!
I don't even know....
Happy 8th Birthday Ali!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ali's Skating Party

 Ali picked a roller skating for her 8th birthday party.  She's gone a couple of times before, and loved it, and this where we held her friend party at.
Most of the girls did pretty good...  Ali opted to have a little 'old-lady walker' until she got the hand of skating without it -- Those things are genius!  Ha!
 Ali was called up into the DJ Box and we all yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her.  She sounded so cute on the microphone. 
 MMmmmmm.  Costco Cake.
Cake crumbs in your teeth + Red Face + Big Smiles = an Awesome 8th Birthday!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Rest of Easter

 On Saturday afternoon,  Addi and Ali played two softball games, and of course, our last  game ran long... so the A Team didn't get to bed until late that night.  Any other day of the week they are all up by 6:45... except Easter morning when they needed to find their eggs, eat breakfast (ie: 73 chocolate eggs), and be ready to leave for church service by 7:30.
I ended up waking them up and so when they came downstairs they were still a little zombie-fied (example: Ainsley's glazed over eyes and pretend smile).
 Easter candy and gifts were in their basket, and they found eggs with money.
I think the Easter Bunny learned several years ago that eggs filled with chocolate, with dogs around, is NOT the best idea.... so money it is.
 Sugar High by 7 am - CHECK!
 My Easter Date
 I think the Easter Bunny had a couple of 'helpers' out in the neighborhood... we had two deer right behind our fence, and then we scared them off and they ran towards the pond.
(You can just barely make them out between the houses).
 A Team
Easter 2014
 Thanks (cousin) Jennie for taking a bazillion pictures of us -- and even after that, we still ended up with one kid with her eyes closed.
 We have a small detour by our house, and saw this new, cute park as we were heading to church, so on our way home, we stopped to check it out and take some pictures.
Unfortunately - it was very sunny, and windy out -- but the girls had fun anyways.
 She refused to take her dress once church was over.  And when she walked she held it up like a princess does.  She also 'rode her pretend' pony all day. Kids are funny.
 Well, uhhh... Hi 15 year old Addi.
 Ali was a big fan of this bridge.
Gallons of drool accompanied the pictures with the bunny ears...
RB may, or may not, have been standing behind me with treats while I snapped away. --Ha!
I assure you... this is her happy face.
She's even more pathetic when she's tired, or mad at us. - Ha!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

The Easter Basset
...and the Brunner Circus

Friday, April 18, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s)

 This picture is on my phone from a trip to Justice during Spring Break.
The girls love that store.... me, on the other hand, not so much.
It's overwhelming, with the colors, and beads, and sequins, and the fact that they sell anything from pencil cases to underwear to candy to dresses.
It's. too. Much.

And then there is the fact that they put the clothing racks so close together that you can't squeeze through without knocking clothes off hangers... and UGGGGG.
 I received this picture via Aunt Katie when they went to Justice to get Ali's birthday present.
I just can't stop laughing.
Clearly, Uncle Jimmy isn't a Justice fan either.
But - the trip was worthwhile because Ali loves her new (stuffed) puppy and snuggles with it at bedtime every night.
 I wore a new shirt today and Ainsley was quick to inform me that she didn't like it because... (and I quote)... It's too blue and has too many flowers.

And to her I say... right back atcha kid.  --Ha!
(hint: check out her shirt)
 I'm done.  I've given up.  I experience a feeling of defeat every single time I dress this child in the morning.

I can't keep up with Ainsley Long Legs and her constant growth spurts... so I'm just resigned to the fact that she'll forever be the kid with the high waters on.
Ainsley drew this card for Gramma and Grandpa Mac for their anniversary earlier this week.
 I almost didn't send it to them I loved it so much.
On the left, it's Ainsley and Gramma in the flower garden.
And on the right, it's Ainsley and Grandpa fishing.
So, SO sweet.

Happy Friday!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s)

Introducing my newest workout...  Basset Squats.  -Ha!

(I carried her up the stairs, did two squats, took this picture, and felt like I had run 10 miles.  Apparently, basset ears and drool are heavy!)

Happy Friday!