Friday, October 24, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) -- Video Edition

Just a few things to add before you watch the video:

**Sometimes all you need is a good laugh.
**They get all their dance moves from their father.
**And sorry for the shaky video -- it's hard to hold a phone still when you are laughing so hard your face is frozen in that weird "laughing too hard face." 

Happy Friday

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Soccer Star

 Ainsley started her second year of soccer this fall.  6U soccer can be SO fun... and SO painful to watch... Ha!
She scored a goal her very first game... (it was for the other team... but whatever!) Ha!
 Gooooo #1!
 She's really good at kicking the ball hard... and then just standing there telling her teammates what to do.  Ha!
 Deep in thought... probably wondering what the snack after the game is. 
 --she loves to go to practice
--she listens to her coach
--she plays well with her teammates
--and she's out being active
 I would LOVE to tell you that she made this goal... but at the last second it rolled off to the side and out of bounds.  SO CLOSE.
It's been a fun soccer season, but I am happy to say that we only have one game left.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s)

 It's a shame our basset hound doesn't have any personality.
 Ali taking a picture of me taking a picture of her... (Ainsley was working hard for a smile) - Ha!
 This RIGHT HERE is why she gets away with everything.
Who could stay mad at that face?!
And this is where you'll sit if you whine just one time too many about dinner looking/smelling weird.  Just you and your Dora yogurt... all alone in the front room.
For the record, we had homemade Hot Beef Sundaes for dinner and it was delicious.... however from the amount of whining I heard, you would have thought I was serving her lizard.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mastering Selfies

 Last week we took advantage of a teacher inservice (no school - YAY!) and headed north to our favorite pumpkin patch.  Usually we take pictures of the three girls, and then ask Addi to take our picture when we are out in the pumpkin patch... but this year I thought it would be fun to take a family selfie instead.

What you might not know about RB is that he has ridiculously long arms.  Great for when I need something up high... but buying him dress shirts will be the end of me.
Every. Single. Time. we go into look at dress shirts the workers argue that he couldn't possibly need that arm length... and Every. Single. Time. we prove them wrong after we remove all 439 pins holding the dress shirt together and he tries it on and the sleeves end at his forearms. 

You know what else unusually long gorilla arms are good for??  Family selfies.
 Do-Over.  Ainsley wasn't looking.
I am trying to hold Ainsley up an apparently I was SQUEEZING HER TO DEATH and that's why she was making that face.  You would be shocked at the amount of drama one family selfie could stir up.
Also.  Could I show ANYMORE TEETH?  That's what happens when I start laughing -- my face freezes and you see every single one of my teeth.
 We put the phone away for awhile and went about looking for a pumpkin... and then re-grouped after Ainsley calmed down and my teeth went back into my mouth.
And... Wa-La.
Brunner Circus Selfie
October 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) - Goodbye September

 Ohhhh September.  You were a tough month.
I felt like my mind was a constant reel of errands, to-do lists, picking up/hauling kids, learning new job duties, and not enough sleep.  The picture above kinda sums up my September - I knew what I needed to do, just was either late, or off just enough to make it more work.

I like to title this one:  A watched pot never boils. And neither does the pot that sits on the cold burner. 

 Deep, I know.
One special trip to a place I try to avoid at all costs to buy Ainsley her favorite Cheez-It crackers.... and wouldn't you know.  The ONLY empty spot is for her beloved alphabet Cheez-Its.  I sent this picture to RB and all I could do was laugh.

Counting our blessings -- no major sicknesses and we are all (slooooowly) adjusting to school, and me going back to work part time... but I for one was sure happy to see September go.

Here's to a calmer October filled with Reece's Peanut Butter Cup pumpkins.

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Funny Friday Foto(s) - Addi Edition

 You know... this used to be the other way around.
She used to stand on the step stool while I did her hair...
 This goofball turns 10 on Sunday.
Double. Digits.
 I remember walking into the hospital to be induced, and the stupid jokes the anesthesiologist told during the c-section, and seeing her for the first time and thinking she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, and watching RB make her into a little baby burrito... and now she's pitching entire games.  
Gosh...  ten years old seems so...  old.

Happy Friday!

(If you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for my sanity -- we are taking 20 girls to a pumpkin patch/hay ride/bon fire for her friend birthday party.  I keep worrying that we'll lose someone in the corn maze... and I won't be able to go in and help find them because HELLO -- CHILDREN OF THE CORN.)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Iowa State Fair - Iphone pics

 We made our annual trek to the Iowa State Fair with Nana and Papa again this summer.
Hello funnel cakes, hot beef sundaes, peppermint ice cream bars, watermelon, root beer, pork sandwiches, mini-chocolate chip cookies, and bacon cheese burgers.
And that's just what I ate.
Let's just say... no one went hungry.
 Obviously... we found the Farrell's booth.  Ha!

Now... for our more disturbing find of the day...  We were walking through the Varied Industries Building, which is a huge building with business booths set up from wall to wall --
and Ainsley and Nana were off looking at something and came back with this... 
 A 10-12 week (rubber) baby fetus.
And it came with its own felt blanket.
Such an odd thing to be passing out to kids...
While the rest of us were completely weirded out by the baby fetus...  Ainsley thought it was awesome and held onto it all day long.  Or rather, she tried holding onto it but would randomly drop it and we would all have to freeze and start searching for the baby fetus.
Words I never, ever thought I would say: Yes, I will hold your baby fetus while you go on that ride...
 We ventured to another building to check out the Butter Cow exhibit, and found a booth that was taking pictures -- so we hopped in to get a picture of all of us.
And by "all of us" I mean... look on Addi's shoulder.
I was crying I was laughing so hard -- the poor lady taking pictures didn't know quite what to think when RB snuck the baby fetus into the picture.
I have no words.